David Hasselhoff has announced that he has decided to legally change his name to David Hoff – effectively dropping the “Hassel” from his moniker.

David Hasselhoff Changes Name To David Hoff

Hoff, the 62-year-old actor and singer, made the name-change announcement on Twitter Thursday. “Big news today and a massive relief for me. I hope everyone can understand… it feels great!” Hoff captioned a video message on the social media site.

In the video, the former Baywatch star explains,”I’ve been wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years. Now, I have made it official. David Hoff.”

According to reps for the actor, Hoff changed his name for an Australian ad campaign, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Interestingly enough, Hoff actually hinted at the name change over the summer, claiming that The Hoff brought it more cash David Hasselhoff. “The Hoff makes more money than Hasselhoff,” he told The Guardian. “So I just go where The Hoff goes. Also it’s SO MUCH MORE FUN.”

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