One of the best moment part of this year’s Academy Awards was arguably watching the stars munch on Girl Scout Cookies. And the icing on top of the cake was that it raised $65,243 for Chris Rock‘s daughters’ Girl Scout troop. It gave Rock some crazy fatherhood — and humanitarian — points.

Well, it seems that some of it was a ruse. First of all, the girls featured on the awards show were from the Inglewood, Calif., troop so all the money will be going to that troop and supporting programs in the Greater Los Angeles area. Also, a rep told TMZ that there were only about 500 boxes sold which raised closer to $2500.

The Girl Scouts of USA have released a statement saying that through both sales and donations, though, they did raise the announced funds, which will all contribute to the same cause of benefiting girls in order to “improve their communities and continue developing into strong leaders.”

Furthermore, it has been revealed that Rock’s trip to Compton was completely for show as Compton doesn’t even have a movie theater. The people Rock met were real, but they were from the Crenshaw/Baldwin Hills area.

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