Iconic actress Mary Tyler Moore passed away Wednesday at age 80, and her on-screen husband Dick van Dyke wrote a heartfelt message on Twitter.


Van Dyke, 91, posted a video of the pair from his 70s sitcom The Dick van Dyke Show, in which the on-screen couple were chained together at the ankles. “There are no words. She was THE BEST!” he wrote. “We always said that we changed each other’s lives for the better. I…”

The “I…” was a lead in to the link attached to the tweet, which brought up a YouTube video of the pair performing “I’ve Got Your Number.”

Show creator Carl Reiner told ET about the relationship between the actors. “They both admitted later if they hadn’t been married to other people they definitely would have been a couple,” he said. “They were made for each other.”

“We became like an improv,” van Dyke said. “You could just tell us a scene and we could make it up. She read me very well, and I read her timing very well, and it was just such a pleasure to work with her.” He also admitted, at first, he thought Moore too young to play his wife. “I said, ‘She’s a little young, isn’t she?’ 12 years.” “Nobody’s going to know,” chimed in Reiner.

“I had a real crush on her,” van Dyke adorably admitted.

Moore died Wednesday from what’s thought to have been complications with diabetes. She had been on a respirator for more than a week prior to her death.

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