Diane Sawyer said goodbye to viewers of ABC's World News Wednesday night, as she’s stepping away as the show’s anchor after five years.

Diane Sawyer Says Goodbye To 'World News'

Sawyer, 68, bid farewell to the news program while wrapping up the show last night without much fanfare.

"I just want you to know what a deep privilege it has been to sit in the anchor chair these years … where Peter Jennings created a signature of such curiosity and courage," Sawyer said at the bottom of the hour. She went on to make it know that while she won't be anchoring World News anymore, she'll still be a fixture at ABC News, adding. "I am not slowing down, but gearing up in a new way, already at work on some of the stories that take you into the real lives around us, the ones we rarely get to see."

Sawyer continued, "So one last time, it is good to know you were watching tonight … I thank you and I'll see you right back here at ABC News very soon,"

Replacing Sawyer at the coveted post will be 20/20 anchor David Muir, who will first be seen anchoring World News Sept. 2. He will also serve as the managing editor.

As for Sawyer, her new role at ABC News will include producing new programming for the network. She'll also be returning to the news desk to anchor new TV shows she'll be producing, as well as conducting high-profile interviews.

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