Dexter’s eighth and final season is speeding towards a close with just seven more episodes left of the anti-hero centered Showtime drama. But while that might be the last of Michael C. Hall's Dexter Morgan, it could mean a spinoff for Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb Morgan.

Showrunner and executive producer Scott Buck recently signed a new two-year deal with the network, sparking rumors that he could be staying on to work on a Deb-centered series. Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins added fuel to the rumors when he referred to the contract and said to “draw your own conclusions” about the spinoff possibility.

Nevins did warn, however, that there’s no certainty that a spinoff will come to fruition. Buck, while the leading candidate to get the ball rolling, is already working on a number of other projects for Showtime. One such project, which Hall will executive produce, is an adaptation of Matthew Specktor’s novel American Dream Machine.

Back in April, Nevins answered a question about a Deb spinoff by saying that all options were “on the table as to where it could go after this,” though noting that nothing was in the works at the time in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He added, “We need to get through this season and see how the dust settles and then see where we go from there. I won't rule it out, but I'm not actively planning anything.”

The sixth episode of Dexter's final season, "A Little Reflection," will air Sunday at 9/8c on Showtime.

– Chelsea Regan

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