Dexter picked up immediately following last week’s cliffhanger where Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) sauntered into view outside Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter) bungalow as Deb and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) collapsed due to what could only have been a poison attack. Deb is left peacefully sleeping off the non-fatal dosage, while Dexter wakes up on the side of the road. He immediately sets about trying to find his long lost love.

Deb, who never liked Hannah to begin with, is also intent on locating her, using her resources at Elway (Sean Patrick Flannery) to track her down. Elway doesn’t think Deb appreciates what he’s done for her enough and tells her so. Deb essentially ignores him, lifts a GPS tracker from the office and uses it to follow her brother, whom she assumes has found/will find Hannah. After placing the device, she returns to the office to make peace with her boss – while keeping tabs on Dexter via her computer.

In other, less interesting news, Jamie (Aimee Garcia) is looking to move out of her brother Angel’s (David Zayas) place and wants Quinn (Desmond Harrington) to move in with her. He tells her he’ll consider it, but he doesn’t seem particularly enthused by the prospect. Also, Masuka’s (C. S. Lee) daughter Nikki decides to forgive him for assuming she had sought him out to get money off him and reveals she’s a stripper. The newfound father then tries to get his daughter a job in the Miami Metro lab.

Back to the main narrative, Zack Hamilton (Sam Underwood) is more than eager to learn Dexter’s code and shows up at his mentor’s door ready to learn. First rule, don’t show up at Dexter’s door. Dexter then rattled off a list of basic dos and don’ts, including the necessity of getting a double-life – or his Rita (Julie Benz).

Zack and his family’s wealth and reputation come in handy when Dexter follows Hannah to an elite club. But, even that can’t get him close enough to Hannah. Her new husband, Miles Kassner, steps in the way and reveals he knows a little bit too much. Dexter, who’s still harboring feelings for Hannah, tries to find out more about Kassner to help her out her bind. Deb is incredulous when she finds out Dexter doesn’t see Hannah as a “problem,” and also probably jealous. She goes to Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) for assistance, but is met with shrugged shoulders.

At Miami Metro the next day, an irate Zack storms into the law enforcement office to demand that Quinn stop tracking his every move. Since Matthews (Geoff Pierson) desperately wants to keep Miami Metro on the Hamiltons’ good side, he acquiesces. Dexter follows Zack into the parking lot and reprimands him for flaring up, reminding him that controlling reckless urges is paramount to surviving as a serial killer.

Dexter later runs into Kassner who issues him a bunch of threats that Dexter could care less about. What he does care about, is where Hannah is – at her greenhouse. He pays her a visit and learns that Hannah has gone back and forth on if and how to kill Kassner. She also admits to Dexter that she still loves him and considers them soul mates. Dexter doesn’t disagree.

Deb, meanwhile, messes with the tracker on Dexter’s car and is nearly caught in the act by Cassie (Bethany Joy Lenz). Cassie wants to chat with Deb about Dexter – how she likes him, but isn’t sure what he’s thinking. Deb, who’s already dealing with the competition of Hannah, tries to get Cassie to forget about her brother.

After a visit with Vogel in which the serial killer shrink urges Dexter to focus on “creating” Zack, Dexter gets paid a visit by three bruisers sent to him by Kassner. It makes him terrified for Hannah’s wellbeing. He’s not entirely off base in feeling that way, as Hannah gets a beating of her own from Kassner himself. Aboard his yacht, Kassner confronts her about seeing Dexter, claims to own her and proceeds to try to rape her. However, instead of needing Dexter to be her savior, she offs Kassner herself.

Wanting to be of service to his soulmate, Dexter offers to dispose of the body and takes her out on Slice of Life to dump it into the bay. Deb, seething, sees the whole thing. But before she can do much about it, Dexter is called to a crime scene at his apartment complex. Cassie is dead. Zack is her murderer.

– Chelsea Regan

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