Dexter (Michael C. Hall) continues to split his efforts between building a new life with Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) and protecting Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) from her son Daniel – otherwise known as serial killer the Brain Surgeon – in “Goodbye Miami.”

Back at the breakfast table, mother and son Vogel try to see if they can put the past behind them. Dr. Vogel desperately wants to believe that she can help Daniel, and to get him to trust in her ability and desire to do so. He wants to believe his mother, but can’t help but feel jealous about how she served as Dexter’s "spiritual mother," giving him a fighting chance of surviving as a serial killer.

Trying to give their relationship a fighting chance, Dexter and Hannah try to figure out the best way to get out of the country with Harrison. Dex is of the mind that if they get married, they’ll have a better chance. When Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) gets wind of the plan, she’s incredulous at how oblivious Dexter is to the effects his decision to leave will have on her – and to how stupid his plan actually is.

Since Vogel’s other protégé Zach (Sam Underwood) has gone missing, she has to deal with that as well. Matthews calls her in to Miami Metro to see if she has any notion of his whereabouts. After feigning ignorance, she makes to leave, but gets stopped by an agitated Dexter. She admits to Dexter that she’s been trying to connect with Daniel and suggests that the only reason Dexter wants to kill Daniel is to fulfill his own desire to kill and not to protect her.

At work on a crime scene, Dexter tells Battista (David Zayas) that he’s leaving Miami to start a new life with Harrison elsewhere. Hannah, meanwhile, is looking for some reassurance from Deb that she and Dexter will be able to have everything they want once they get to Argentina. Deb, perhaps convinced of Hannah’s affection for her brother, sucks it up and buries her own feelings for him, later telling Dexter that she just wants him to be happy.

While Vogel and Daniel begin to forge a new understanding – one in which she’ll make him a more efficient and uncatchable killer – Dexter hacks into his computer to get evidence against him to show to his mother. The following day, Vogel seeks out Dexter to offer support for his decision to head to Argentina with Hannah. Dexter realizes it's partially a plot to keep him away from Daniel and decides to show her what he took from her son’s computer. After watching the video of Daniel gleefully killing Zach, Vogel seems to agree with Dexter’s analysis that he’s beyond helping.

Max Clayton, the U.S. Marshal, is still pursuing Hannah and almost certain that she’s back with Dexter. When he stops by Deb’s apartment, he says as much, which forces Deb to cover for them. She tells Hannah about Clayton’s suspicions before leaving her at the house with Harrison. Despite warnings, Hannah neglects to make sure Harrison doesn’t play with Deb’s treadmill. He gets hurt and requires medical attention, which means Hannah has to put herself at risk of being recognized to bring him to the hospital. Clayton knows she brought Dexter’s son in and signed in as Deb. Either he’s going to get killed, or Dex and Hannah’s plans are done for.

When Daniel shows up at Vogel’s, she calls to alert Dexter, who’s setting up a kill room across town. He rushes over to Vogel’s, but by the time he gets there, Daniel is standing behind her with a blade a her throat. Before Dexter can do anything, the doctor’s throat is slit and the brain surgeon takes off. Dexter holds his surrogate mother’s body in his arms as the episode ends.

In other plotlines, Quinn (Desmond Harrington) and Jamie (Aimee Garcia) split for good and Deb acknowledges her feelings for her ex-boyfriend with a passionate kiss after she tells him they’re back to being partners on the force. Is Dexter setting up a Deb and Quinn spinoff?

Dexter airs Sundays on Showtime at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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