Dexter raised the stakes in “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” revealing the identity of the brain surgeon and where Dexter (Michael C. Hall) sees himself in ten years – in Argentina with Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) as his wife and stepmother to Harrison.

Back in bed together, Dexter and Hannah muse about what it would be like to be a normal couple that isn’t made up of two serial killers constantly at risk of being discovered for who they really are. But then Dexter gets called into work and the dreaming ends, but not before it’s clear that these two are going to try to make it work – most likely to both of their detriment.

Aside from work at Miami Metro, Dexter also has the mystery of Zach’s (Sam Underwood) murder and the Brain Surgeon to solve. He heads over to Dr. Vogel's (Charlotte Rampling) to discuss his plans to take care of business with her harassing serial killer and then head off into the sunset with his girlfriend. Vogel thinks Dexter’s idea of getting back into domestic life is ill advised.

At the lab, Dex runs the DNA he uncovered at Zach’s apartment and realizes it partially matches Vogel’s DNA. When he brings the info to Vogel, she reveals that she once had two sons. The one named Daniel killed her son Richard by drowning him in the family pool. Daniel was subsequently placed in a mental institution, where he allegedly died three years later – false. A skeptical Dexter uses an aging software to develop an image of what Daniel would look like now. He’s a dead ringer for the now dead Cassie’s (Bethany Joy Lenz) boyfriend Oliver Saxon.

Once Elway (Sean Patrick Flannery) learns that Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) has been tracking the Hannah McKay and that Hannah used to be involved with his employee’s brother, he gets angry. He also gets down to business, calling in the U.S. Marshalls led by Clayton. Clayton interviews Dexter about Hannah, and, not knowing that the two have been back at it, warns him that she’s back in town. Clayton even insists on having a couple of cops put outside his apartment.

Quinn (Desmond Harrington) and Deb drama gets amped up when Quinn asks Deb if she could look into Zach for him. After she clears the young man, who unbeknownst to her is dead, they meet up and reminisce about the past. It’s becoming less and less likely that Quinn will follow through in moving in with Jamie (Aimee Garcia), who suspected he was still into his “friend” of an ex all along. Things really get intense after the former couple questions Oliver about Cassie’s death. After leaving the guilty-seeming suspect, Quinn pulls Deb into a passionate kiss.

Trying to protect Hannah, Dexter makes a risky move in going to her friend Arlene’s house to pick up her cash. When he realizes Clayton is following him, he pretends as though he’s dating Arlene. Continuing to assure Hannah’s safety, he asks Deb if Hannah can lay low at her place for the time being. Not seeing a way out of it, Deb reluctantly agrees. Later on, after Deb gets her sergeant badge back from Battista (David Zayas), the two have an amiable conversation over an un-poisoned dinner together.

With Hannah sorted for the time being, Dexter confirms his suspicions that Zach and Cassie’s murderer is Oliver Saxon, aka Daniel Vogel, aka the Brain Surgeon. Dexter tells Vogel what he’s discovered, though she likely already knows. She insists Dexter give her son a chance, but Dexter has other plans in mind, and sets to trapping the Brain Surgeon. After giving Vogel a sleeping poison, Dexter goes after him, but he's one step ahead and slashes his tires. Dexter then heads back to Vogel’s to warn her that her son could be after her, but gets turned away. As soon as he leaves, Daniel Vogel walks into the kitchen to enjoy breakfast with his mother.

– Chelsea Regan

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