Dexter aired its penultimate episode on Sunday title "Monkey in a Box," which saw the respective manhunts of Oliver Saxon and Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) overlap and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) struggling with dividing his focus between killing off Vogel’s (Charlotte Rampling) murderer and son and fleeing the country with his murderess girlfriend.

After cleaning Dr. Evelyn Vogel’s blood off his hands from holding her when Saxon slashed her throat, Dexter wipes all traces of his visits with her away. He then calls in the murder to Miami Metro, a distinctly uncharacteristic thing for the serial killer to do. Dexter is clearly shaken from losing the mother figure, and goes to share the sad news with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter). Deb appears equally upset, crediting Vogel with mending their relationship. Dexter admits to his sister that he believes he should be the one to kill Saxon in retribution.

Deb also gets a visit from the U.S. Marshal that’s grown suspicious of the Morgan’s relationship to Hannah – even more so now that he believes Hannah used Deb’s name to get Dex’s son medical attention. Deb covers for her brother and his girlfriend, but the official doesn’t seem convinced. He eventually gets the help of Elway (Sean Patrick Flannery), who Deb throws out of her house. But when she goes over to Dexter’s for dinner later, the two men join forces and rifle through her apartment until they find information about flights to Argentina.

Since Dexter knows that Saxon daylights as a building inspector, he starts sleuthing about for a local closed building in which he could be hiding out. Saxon isn’t at the abadoned hospital he discovers, though, he’s at the Miami Metro offices being questioned by Quinn (Desmond Harrington) about Cassie’s murder. Quinn calls Dexter in so that he can test Saxon’s DNA and Dexter seems more okay with the idea of the law getting Vogel’s killer instead of him.

After the interrogation, Saxon decides to take the initiative with Dexter and masquerades as a prospective buyer for his apartment to have a chat with his mother’s preferred killer. He proposes that the two go their separate ways, but Dexter isn’t keen to accept the offer. Saxon rightly states that Dexter has a lot more to lose than he does – Deb, Harrison and Hannah. Dexter then appears to reconsider, but the threats truthfully make him believe it’s only more necessary to take him out.

While Dexter is busy uploading the video evidence Saxon created of his own kills, Quinn and the rest of the homicide division are putting Saxon’s heritage together. They learn that he’s Vogel’s son – and that Vogel’s son was a proven killer at a young age. In an effort to capture him sooner rather than later, Miami Metro releases news footage to get help from the public. Catching a glimpse of the footage himself, Saxon then resolves to kill Dexter.

Saxon returns to Dexter’s apartment determined to silence him for good. Dexter appears to be an easy target, asleep in his bed, when Deb sneaks up behind Saxon and neutralizes him. The dutiful sister then walks out the apartment and leaves Saxon in Dexter’s hands. Dexter transports Saxon to the Brain Surgeon’s kill room. It’s there where the sociopathic killer freezes in the midst of his well-honed ritual. He doesn’t want to kill him. Ghost Harry tells his son that he may no longer need him.

Dexter calls up Deb and tells her that he’d rather have the police deal with Saxon. When Deb arrives at the scene – alone – Saxon is out of his restraints and armed with a gun he stole from the U.S. Marshal he just killed. He fires once at Deb, piercing her through the stomach. As Deb lies in a growing pool of her own blood, she calls in her gunshot wound and waits for help.

– Chelsea Regan

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