Dexter opened on Sunday night with brother and sister Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) in a joint therapy session with Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling). The matter being discussed, of course, is Deb’s murder-suicide attempt that concluded last week’s episode.

Vogel tries to bridge the gap between them, telling Dexter that Deb has now hit rock bottom and is now capable of accepting him. Deb pleads with Dexter to forgive her, urging him to understand the traumatizing nature of having a serial killer for a brother and a dead father who committed suicide because of him. Furthermore, in the end, she saved Dexter’s life. He doesn’t want to hear it and walks out on both of them.

At the Miami Metro offices, it’s revealed that A.J. Yates' victim that Dexter rescued and dropped off at the hospital survived and is talking. She gave the cops Yates name and they have an address. Simultaneously, the crew is looking deeper into the case of the woman who was found bludgeoned to death in her home named Norma Rivera. Led by Quinn (Desmond Harrington), the investigation turns to Hamilton, a wealthy guy who happens to be a friend to Miami Metro and who was having an affair with Norma.

After questioning Hamilton at his sprawling estate, they’re able to confirm the affair without forcing him to submit to a DNA test. Hamilton says he loved her and never would have hurt her, and even offers to hand over his security tape footage. Later in the day, Quinn questions a street vendor outside Norma’s house and learns that Hamilton’s son was in the area on the day of her murder.

When Vogel comes home with her mail in hand, she turns on some Mamas & the Papas and sits down to open it. Within seconds, Yates launches a patio table through the window and snarls at her. Deb, who’d been seeking out Vogel for another life chat, finds the shattered window and the strange doctor nowhere in sight.

At Yates’ house Dexter is in the backyard with the rest of the crew. Apparently in addition to the ritual of keeping a shoe of each of his victims, the killer buried them in his backyard and planted a rosebush over their corpses. Also, all of their skeletons show that their toes had been broken one at a time over the period of a week or two. Deb meets Dexter there and calls him aside so she can catch him up to speed about Vogel. She wants to help him find her. He doesn’t want her to and asks why she chose to save him. She replies, “ I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.” Reconciled, Dexter agrees to let his sister help save Vogel.

Before they can go on the hunt, Dexter has to sit through an obligatory double date with Jamie (Aimee Garcia), Quinn and Jamie’s friend/his new neighbor Cassie (Bethany Joy Lenz). When he finally meets Deb, they’ve narrowed Yates and Vogel’s location to about a dozen houses. Meanwhile, Vogel uses all of her psychological knowledge to deter Yates from killing her – and starting to snap her toes. Apparently, his mother is a sore subject and possibly the inspiration for his killing because that’s who Vogel channels, even striking the serial killer across the face. As Yates goes to clean up his bloody nose, Vogel calls Dexter and leaves the line open before resuming her place on the couch.

While Debra calls in a favor to Elway (Sean Patrick Flannery) to track the number, she and Dexter wait anxiously listening to Yates and Vogel’s resumed conversation. Elway comes through just as Dex and Deb hear Yates discovering that Vogel had placed a call. When they arrive at the house, they follow the blood trail to an upstairs bedroom. They find Vogel bound and gagged in the closet and Dexter soon surmises that Yates is likely hiding under the bed. He feints leaving, then wields a pointed curtain rod and plunges it through the bed and into Yates – killing him instantly.

Following the serial killer slaying, Dexter cleans up the mess with Debra and Vogel by his side. He even takes them out on his boat where he rolls the garbage-bag sealed body into the ocean. When Vogel asked why he brought them out for his typically solo ritual, he replies that he wanted to be with family.

Next week on Dexter: Will Vogel teach Hamilton’s son the code? Will Dexter help her? Is Elway going to confess his feelings for Deb?

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