Serial killer hit show Dexter may be returning to Showtime according to industry rumors circulating Monday.

‘Dexter’ Rumored To Return To Showtime

After a cryptic message was posted on Thanksgiving on the show’s Twitter page, fans have been on rampage in finding out the truth if the show will receive the revival treatment. Showtime head David Nevins has expressed interest in the past, telling Inqusitr, that it is “in need of redemption,” and that the series can be revived with star Michael C. Hall coming back in as the title character. Another instance where a Dexter was in for a revival was when Nevins was at a TCA press tour panel and came up with the idea of resurrecting old shows with the likes of Dexter.

The tweet below shows the quote “his knife’s freshly sharpened” showing that a possible revival is truly in the works.

Dexter ran on Showtime for 8 seasons starting in 2006 and to this day is regarded as the network’s top-viewed series and is beloved by its fans.

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