A fake “devil baby” was the star of a well-executed prank to terrify New Yorkers who thought they were going to help a crying child.

Devil Baby Scares New York

The prank, which featured an elaborate animatronic doll and a remote-controlled stroller, served as a promotion for upcoming horror film Devil’s Due – a movie about a woman pregnant with devil’s spawn. The prank was designed by viral video agency Thinkmodo. “We like to take an element in the film and recreate it in real life,” Thinkmodo’s Sam Pezzullo told ABC News.

Lured towards the stroller by the sound of a baby crying baby, New Yorkers looking to see if they could help met a rude surprise when the stroller cover pulled back. The animatronic doll violently screamed and menacingly twisted its tiny torso. It was also capable of projectile vomiting and gave the finger to an NYPD car.


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Reactions from unsuspecting passerby ranged from screams of terror, falling to the sidewalk or – as one unimpressed fellow reacted – a long stare. According to Pezzulo, one man wet himself after coming upon the devil baby. For the most part, after the initial fright, people were able to laugh the prank off.

“After that initial shock they had a great sense of humor,” Pezzullo said. “They were mostly impressed by the realism of the baby.”

Devil's Due, rated R, hits theaters Jan. 17.

– Chelsea Regan

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