James Robertson, a 56-year-old man from Detroit, has been walking 21 miles to work and back since his car broke down a decade ago.

Detroit Man Walks 21 Miles To Work

Monday through Friday, Robertson makes the trek to his job manufacturing injection molds at Schain Mold & Engineering, which pays him $10.55 an hour. No matter the weather, Robert makes the long journey, taking a bus only a small fraction of the way.

“I don’t think what I do is big deal,” Robertson told People. “I do what I have to do to get to work in the morning. It’s just a part of my life. My parents taught me hard work ethic growing up in Detroit. It’s all about keeping your schedule on track and focusing your mind on what matters.”

Wayne State University student Evan Leedy got wind of Robertson’s story and decided to start a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise enough money for Robertson to afford to buy himself a car. Leedy’s modest ambition was to raise $5,000. Only two days after the page was launched, it’s raised $187, 651.

“I was blown away. He has been doing this for so long and doesn’t complain. I thought of myself and how most people could never do what he does every single day,” Leedy told People.”I then decided to create a GoFundMe page where people could donate. I set the goal for $5,000, but I really didn’t think many people would see it or donate.”

“We now have car dealerships and car companies saying they will donate a car. We can now use this money to truly change James’ life,” Leedy added. “We can get him a nice place to live. A place he deserves.”

For Robertson, the attention and outpouring of support comes as a huge surprise. “I am just so stunned,” he says. “Who would have thought that just a simple walk would have turned into this? I would have told you that you were crazy a few days ago.”

“I am taking this as a sign that it’s time I start driving again,” Robertson continued, adding, “And getting more than two hours of sleep a night.”

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