The villains have finally triumphed. Or at least they did at the box office this weekend. Universal’s latest animated film Despicable Me, about two super villain archenemies, one of whom is voiced by Steve Carell, pictured, took in the the top spot with an estimated $60 million. The vampire/werewolf saga Eclipse dropped to the number two spot in its second week, while the latest in the Predators franchise opened at number three. The critically acclaimed Toy Story 3 and the critically panned The Last Airbender rounded out the top five.

1. Despicable Me, $60.1 mil
2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, $33.4 mil
3. Predators, $25.3 mil
4. Toy Story 3, $22 mil
5. The Last Airbender, $17.1 mil
6. Grown Ups, $16.4 mil
7. Knight & Day, $7.9 mil
8. The Karate Kid, $5.7 mil
9. The A-Team, $1.8 mil
10. Cyrus, $1.4 mil


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