Dermot Mulroney, one of the members of August: Osage County’s all-star cast, counts shooting the critically acclaimed picture as one of the best experiences of his acting career. Mulroney, who was thrilled to be working again with his My Best Friend's Wedding costar Julia Roberts, chatted about the film in an exclusive interview with Uinterview.

Dermot Mulroney On His 'August: Osage County' Character

In August: Osage County, Mulroney plays the fiancé of Karen Weston, played by Juliette Lewis. His character is smarmy from the start, but crosses the line towards predator when he makes a move on 15-year-old Jean Fordham (Abigail Breslin) – his soon-to-be step niece. “I did not model my character on any entrepreneurial child molester that I know,” Mulroney deadpanned. More seriously he added, “The way the part is written and the way that fits into this cast and into the play, my character, like many in the piece, kind of takes a darker turn. And I get sort of kicked out of the movie.”

Mulroney, who isn’t surprised in the least that his costars Meryl Streep and Roberts were nominated for Oscars, is hesitant to say that August: Osage County has a female-dominated cast.

“You can say it’s a female-dominated story. Maybe the story is female-dominated, but the cast – Ewan McGregor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Cooper and myself,” Mulroney said, adding, “I think we did all right holding up our end of the bargain. But the story does focus on a matriarchal family and… Sam Shephard, did I mention him in the male category of the cast? He commits suicide in the beginning of the play and the rest ensues as the funeral weekend.”

Mulroney On Julia Roberts

Mulroney’s favorite scene to shoot – perhaps in his entire career – was the extended grace scene during the family dinner following the funeral for the late patriarch, which took four days to shoot. “Four of the best days I’ve ever spent on a film set,” said Mulroney.

The actor was also happy that the film allowed him to reunite with Roberts. “It was amazing,” he told Uinterview. “We celebrated when we learned that I got the role. And had the most wonderful time making this movie. I’d always hoped to work with her again. In the meantime, since My Best Friend's Wedding, we’ve seen each other move houses and have children and all these wonderful aspects of life. To move through that and into working with her again is a great phase for us. We got closer than ever. She’s fantastic, great friend.”

– Chelsea Regan

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