Captain Kirk, meet Denzel Washington: Star Trek star Chris Pine admitted he was in awe of the Oscar-winner during their film shoot for Unstoppable.

"For me, the inspiring thing was to work with Denzel and Tony," Pine told MTV News. "And it just happened to be on a movie called Unstoppable. If you really want to know why I did it, it was to work with two guys I'd watched and respected for years." Unstoppable tells the true tale of two railroad workers trying to stop a train filled with dangerous materials from crashing into a small town.

"It's very intimidating, probably more so than any other experience," Pine said of working with Washington. "I wanted to bring my A-game because I knew I was going toe-to-toe with one of the best of all time." But the difficulties of working on the film were not limited to his nervousness around the older actor.

"There are trains going really fast, and you have to hang off trains or jump on the train, and thank God we had a wonderful stunt team behind us," he said. "I had a great stunt double. I would try to do everything I could within reason, but once it got really hairy, that's when I stepped back and went to video village, got my seat, got my drink and watched the action unfold with everybody else." Unstoppable opens this Friday. –AMY LEE

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