Denise Richards is not going to let the latest exploits of her ex-husband Charlie Sheen get her down. The actress, reality star and mother of two is busy promoting her five-episode guest stint on the Spike TV series, Blue Mountain State, despite the buzz surrounding Sheen.

Richards, 39, has managed to shield her daughters, six-year-old Sam and five-year-old Lola, from the controversy. Sheen, 45, checked himself into a hospital Tuesday night for his drunk and disorderly behavior at The Plaza Hotel in New York City, after spending "a fun-filled weekend" with his ex-wife and kids, according to Richards. "It is what it is," Richards told PopEater. "I can't change what happened. All I can do is move forward and keep my girls protected from the situation and that's what I'm doing." Though the actress has reportedly expressed that she still has "faith" in Sheen, her real loyalty is to her daughters. "I don't want them to know what happened," she said. "I'm so grateful that they're still young enough to not know what's going on."

For now, she's focusing on the good times. She says Sam and Lola just "think they had a fantastic trip in New York with Mommy and Daddy. They went shopping, we took them to the museum together, we took them to Mary Poppins, so they had a great trip." –KIMBERLY STEELE

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