Demi Moore has been dating restaurateur Peter Morton, the 66-year-old father of her ex-boyfriend Harry Morton, 31.

Moore, 50, was introduced to the Hard Rock Café mogul through Harry, whom she dated for roughly six months before they decided to just be friends back in May. Moore and the elder Morton “are into one another," a source told E! News. “Peter is very charismatic and she loves that about him. He's a go-getter,” the source continued, adding that Moore is “very grounded.”

Peter Morton in 2011

Though the rumor proves intriguing, others who claim to be close to the G.I. Jane actress say there’s nothing to them. In fact, one source claims that Moore never even dated the younger Morton man. “She wasn’t dating either of them,” an insider told Gossip Cop. “She has been friends with the family for a long time and they are making things up simply because they are single men. People just won’t stop.”

Moore and Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher have been separated for two years and have been in the midst of divorce proceedings for the last one. Since their split, Moore has been linked to pearl diver Will Hannigan, 30, and 26-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel. Kutcher, meanwhile, has been publicly dating actress Mila Kunis, who he’s known since meeting on the set of That 70s Show in 1998, for the last year.

– Chelsea Regan

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