There were plenty of laughs at Comedy Central’s Roast of Bruce Willis, but no one could quite roast her ex-husband as Demi Moore had, especially since Dennis Rodman only provided awkward stage presence and lusterless jokes.

The episode was filmed on Saturday at The Hollywood Palladium and will air on July 29. The 55-year-old actress was married to Bruce Willis from 1987 to 2000, who commented on their marriage, his parenting skills and his big break in Pulp Fiction.

“For those of you that don’t know me, I am Demi Moore,” she began. “I was married to Bruce for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense, because the last two sucked.”


The two share three children, who are all grown now. However, Moore hasn’t forgotten how “generous” her ex-husband was when they were raising their kids.

“Bruce is super generous. When our daughter Rumer was a baby and it was his turn to change the diaper in the middle of the night, he would lean over and whisper to me, ‘I’ll give you a thousand dollars right now if you change that diaper.’”

Then, for the punch line, Moore dissed Willis’ age.


Scout asked me not to say anything, but just last week he offered her a thousand dollars to change his diaper,” said Moore. “Some things never change.”

Her joke regarding his big break in Pulp Fiction really could’ve gone wrong, but surprisingly didn’t.

“I was there for some special moments. Groundbreaking,” she said. “Bruce got his career-breaking moment in Pulp Fiction, and it seemed really odd at the time, this big action star in a little indie film, but Bruce went over to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel, and I don’t know, but he came back and said, ‘I got the part!’”

What did go wrong was former NBA star Dennis Rodman‘s time at the podium. He told Martha Stewart to call him the next time she’s sent to prison because he’ll “secure [her] release.” The laughless joke was alluding to American detainees from North Korea, which he reportedly helped with. When the crowd kept quiet, he said, “I’m f–––ing drunk.”


When his jokes continued to flatline, he’d say, “Okay, on with the show,” and “Let me get through this.”

Comedian Jeff Ross took the stage next, commenting on Rodman’s attempt at cracking jokes: “Give it up for our next secretary of state, Dennis Rodman!”

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