Singer Demi Lovato is still staying connected with her friends and colleagues using FaceTime despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which she discussed during an at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Lovato has regularly been talking to a number of other stars including the likes of Ariana Grande and Katy Perry as well as political figures such as former President Bill Clinton. The chat was set up by Lovato’s manager Scooter Braun.

“He just called, like, 30 random celebrities and it’s actually really funny because the first night I got on, I answered the phone and it was Bill Clinton on FaceTime,” she raved. “He was the, like, guest of honor. And then, all of a sudden, I see Ariana [Grande] and Katy Perry and all these celebrities and Scooter. And every night, it’s somebody new. It’s, like, guest of honor.”

As for who Lovato’s been the most surprised to see in the FaceTime group, she couldn’t help but gush over Mark Cuevas from Netflix’s Love Is Blind.

“I freaked out over Mark from Love Is Blind. It’s just really funny because you can’t really get anybody on there in the entertainment business that would be cool because everybody on that chat is in the entertainment business. So you have to get somebody on there that’s a politician or from a reality show. I think we had someone from Tiger King one night. It’s so wild. It’s like, who’s gonna be next?”

Lovato is currently at home self-isolating with her family and says it has made them even closer as a unit.

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