Songstress Demi Lovato has released her newest video for “Stone Cold” on the backdrop of an icy landscape, a bathtub and a blazing fire.

Lovato, an advocate for embracing one’s flaws, goes barefaced while sitting in a bathtub of water. She is beautifully clad in grays and whites throughout the video as she sings the ballad.

The track, from her newest album Confident, wishes nothing but the best for a former flame. Lovato allows her emotions to take over as the video progresses.

“God knows I tried to feel/Happy for you,” she sings while on the verge of tears. “Know that I am, even if I/Can’t understand, I’ll take the pain.”

Lovato has been in the media lately for her flawless Grammy performance and defending Kesha while attacking Taylor Swift.

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