Debra Messing was less than impressed with a man on Twitter who decided to send her a picture of his penis.

Debra Messing Gets Penis Pic

Earlier this week, Messing announced on Twitter that someone had sent her a picture of his penis. “Someone sent me a DM of his very VERY large penis,” Messing tweeted. “That’s all.”

The following day, Messing returned to Twitter with a censored screenshot of the DM in question. “RESPECT WOMEN. RESPECT YOURSELVES,” Messing wrote.

Messing was surprised at how much attention her tweets were getting, as they’re usually not fodder for the media. “My tweets have never gotten the attention of the media before,” Messing wrote. “I guess when you say “dick pix” all bets are off.”

Along with a lot of positive commentary lauding Messing for standing up to the pic sender, Messing also faced some backlash. But, the former Will & Grace star stood her ground. “ANY stranger sending graphic pix to ANYONE ( M,F, et al) is UNACCEPTABLE,” Messing wrote.

Messing currently stars on The Mysteries of Laura, which airs Wednesdays on NBC.

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