Scott Peterson who has spent over 15 years on Death Row will be getting his sentence reduced to life in prison with no parole due to alleged juror misconduct.

Peterson was sentenced to death for killing his pregnant wife and unborn child in 2002. Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo said that she will be changing the sentence in November before it’s decided if he should get a new trial or not.

“This case has become more complicated. Sentencing Mr. Peterson should not be delayed,” the judge said.

Peterson’s death sentence was overruled last year because jurors who morally disagreed with the death penalty, but still said they would impose it if necessary, were dismissed.

Peterson’s lawyers are asking for a new trial based on the grounds that one of the jurors falsy answered questions during the selection process. One of the jurors, who wrote a book on the trial, did not disclose that she was a crime victim in the past.

Prosecutors have stated that they will not ask for the death penalty if he gets a new trial.

Peterson’s wife, who was eight months pregnant, went missing in December 2002. Her body was discovered in April of 2003, causing Peterson to be convicted after investigators said he dumped her body into the San Francisco Bay.

Peterson pled not guilty to the charges, and still claims that he is innocent to this day.

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