Dean McDermott got caught cheating on his wife with 28-year-old Emily Goodhand and subsequently checked himself into rehab. In a recent counseling session with his wife Tori Spelling that will air on their new reality series True Tori, McDermott dismisses the notion that he was attracted to Goodhand.

Dean McDermott Calls Mistress 'Just A Warm Body'

In the counseling session, Spelling asked her husband point-blank, “What I don’t understand is why her?” referring to Goodhand. According to McDermott, it had nothing to do with who she was or what she looked like.

"I wasn't attracted to her," McDermott answered his wife. "It was just like a warm body." He went on to say that cheating on Spelling was his “worst nightmare” realized, though Spelling is skeptical if the nightmare for him was that he’d gotten caught.

McDermott On Sex Life With Tori Spelling

Explaining the state of their marriage, McDermott voiced his displeasure with their sex life. "We have four kids, so in the sex department there were ebbs and flows," he said, before turning to his wife and asking, "Is that safe to say?"

According to Spelling, “We had a great relationship and we had a great sex life." McDermott, however, disagreed, saying that the amount of sex they were having was subpar. "We would have sex once every two weeks," the Chopped Canada host said. "It wasn't fantastic."

The therapist, hearing both of their arguments, seemed to side with Spelling, telling McDermott, "Dean, your expectation of what a marriage is supposed to be like sexually—it's like a fairytale."

True Tori premieres on Lifetime Tuesday at 10/9c.

– Chelsea Regan

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