Dean Farley, a jogger, claims he accidentally caused a security alert when he bumped into British Prime Minister David Cameron in Leeds.

Dean Farley, Jogger, Caused Security Alert

Farley, 28, says he was jogging on the way to his gym when he unknowingly ran into the Prime Minister, and was promptly apprehended.

After he was released from police custody, Falrey said he had no idea Prime Minister Cameron was even there. “I ran across the road and, for all I saw, a bunch of men in suits came out of the side of the Civic Hall. I dodged in and out and around and the next thing I know I’ve got a half dozen suited men haranguing me and manhandling me to the floor,” Farley told BBC Radio 5 Live.

Farley claims he asked the police why they were handcuffing him, but that the security team refused to answer. In a separate Facebook post, Farley describes being “assaulted by half a dozen coppers in suits.”

Farley was freed 15 minutes after his official arrest following an interrogation, which has caused some to question the efficacy of the Prime Minister’s security team. However, a spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police said that the short investigation was simply evidence that Farley was not really a threat. “The fact that he has been de-arrested almost immediately shows there is nothing of concern,” said the spokeswoman.

Security of PM Cameron Questioned

Many are questioning how Farley got close enough to the Prime Minster to brush past him at all, even Farley himself. “How good is Cameron’s security if I managed to run between it?” Farley wondered.

That said, Cameron has not announced any plans to make changes to his security detail, and sources say that any internal investigation is unlikely to affect Cameron’s security. Following the incident, Cameron made sure to credit his security team in a statement to the Commons, saying, “Could I put on the record for once the debt I owe to the close protection teams that look after me and the very good job that they do.”

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