A teaser trailer for the upcoming Deadpool 2 was released Friday.

Fox released the footage before the screening of Logan in theaters.

The preview shows Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson walking past a crime scene. Feeling heroic, the hero then runs to a telephone booth where he tries to change into his Deadpool suit. He does this to the theme of Superman, subtly mocking him in the process. However, Reynolds struggles to get the blood-red bodysuit on in time while the crime scene behind him gets progressively worse.

Instead of mentioning the release date, the teaser says “not soon enough.” The actual debut date for Deadpool  is in a year’s time — March 2, 2018.

After video of the teaser leaked online, Reynolds posted the clip on his YouTube page. The clip, entitled “No Good Deed” was trending on Saturday, and had garnered over 3 million views.

Watch the teaser below:


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