Since Discovery finally closed its massive $43 billion deal to acquire WarnerMedia and become the new company Warner Bros. Discovery, it has been reported that this newly merged company’s CEO, David Zaslav, is toying with the idea of a complete overhaul of the films and TV series based on DC Comics characters.

Zaslav reportedly wants to change up the company’s superhero content to package it as a more legitimate competitor to Marvel by bringing the departments of DC into a more harmonious rhythm and creating a more cohesive superhero universe. One apparent desire of Zaslav and other Discovery executives is to find a head similar to Marvel President Kevin Feige, who can provide unified creative guidance for all projects instead of disparate teams of executives on each.

DC has had a decidedly more mixed track record in their superhero outings than Marvel has lately. While projects like The Batman and the recent HBO Max hit Peacemaker have been pretty big wins for the company, Marvel is far more consistent in drawing decent profits and critical praise for its properties.

So far it’s not clear what moves Zaslav will be making to steer the course of DC in his desired direction, but there has been enough talent behind DC Films of the past to make a true rivalry easily possible. Some leaders have pointed to the treatment of some tentpole characters, such as Superman, as a point that could be improved. The caped crusader hasn’t had a solo film since Man Of Steel. Instead, he has been relegated to Justice League films and the poorly-received Batman v. Superman.

If they can get back to the monumental heights of quality reached by one of the first films they ever released, The Dark Knight, anything could happen. This new future for DC could be what a lot of fans are asking for, but it also may not be ideal for lower-line employees of DC or other Warner Bros. imprints. Zaslav has reportedly promised cost savings of up to $3 billion from the merger, which will likely translate to huge staff layoffs.

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