Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson has shut down rumors about a reboot of the hit series.

The news came after the cast reunited for the show’s 20th anniversary in a magazine cover shoot last year. Since then, rumors sparked that a possibility of a reboot would be in the works.

Williamson shut down the rumors while speaking at the Television Critics Association on Thursday. He was asked if there was any chance of the show’s revival or remake.


“We keep talking about it, but no,” he said. “As of now there’s nothing in the pipeline.”

Williamson also added that even if they did do a reboot, there would be no story left to tell.

“We kind of ended it,” the creator said. “Jen died. What are we going to do? We talked about it, but until we can find a real reason to do it – but no. As of now, no,” he continued. “It’s funny you bring that up because I was just talking about it last night.”

While there is no reboot for the show, fans can still stream old episodes on Hulu.

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