David Mueller, the DJ who famously tried to sue Taylor Swift for defamation after he groped her on camera, started his new radio gig with a bang – almost literally.


In 2013, Mueller groped Swift at a meet-and-greet and the singer reported the act, causing Mueller to lose his job. Instead of walking away quietly, the DJ decided to sue the pop star for defamation, only to lose her countersuit for a symbolic $1. Mueller was finally hired by a new station in Greenwood, Mississippi, where he’s using the moniker “Stonewall Jackson.”

An employee of the station shared with Us Weekly that a bomb threat was emailed to the station on Wednesday that stated, “You will be sorry for what you’ve done. Enjoy the bomb.” Workers called the police who investigated.

“At 9 a.m. we this morning we received a call in reference to a bomb threat at KIX 92.7. We dispatched offers to the location and per standard protocol, we cleared the building,” Chief Ray Moore told the magazine. “We then contacted the sheriff’s department who brought in a bomb dog. We went through the building and found no threats. After the building was secured, everyone was allowed to go into the building and back to work.”

It was unclear if the threat was specifically meant for Mueller, but the contents of the message certainly indicate Mueller as the target. According to reports, Swift fans from all over the world, as far as Saudi Arabia, complained to Delta Radio, the parent company of KIX, about hiring Mueller.

The company’s CEO, David Fuss, defended the choice to hire the shamed DJ. “He is a very good on-air talent,” he said. “It’s extremely difficult to get people to come to the Mississippi Delta to work. I felt like he needed a break or a second chance.”

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