David Lee Mangum, who tested positive for HIV in 2003, estimates he may have had roughly 300 sexual partners since then – exposing all of them to the virus.

Mangum, 37, was arrested last week in Missouri on suspicion of knowingly infecting others with HIV – a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 15 years – after a former partner filed a complaint with local police, reported The Daily Statesman.

Under the alias of D.B., the individual revealed in his complaint that he had met Mangum in October 2012 through a “men for men” Craigslist ad. D.B. alleges that he had asked Mangum whether or not he was infected with any STDs prior to developing a sexual relationship, and Mangum had reassured him that he was not. The pair moved in together a month later, but split in June 2013 after D.B. discovered that Mangum wasn’t being monogamous.

A month following the split, D.B.’s discovered he was HIV positive, his filing states. Shortly after the diagnosis, D.B. learned from a previous roommate of Mangum that Mangum had tested positive for the virus back in 2003 while living in Texas.

When questioned by police, Mangum did not deny his 2003 positive test. He also gave an estimate of the number of sexual partners he’d had since then – a whopping 300, reported the Los Angeles Times. Mangum claims to have withheld his HIV status from his sexual partners due to a “fear of rejection,” according to Dexter, Mo., Police Det. Cory Mills.

Mangum is currently being held on $250,000 bail. If he’s found guild of knowingly infecting someone with HIV, he could face a life sentence behind bars.

– Chelsea Regan

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