Chris Martin revealed that David Bowie once refused an offer to collaborate on a track with Coldplay during a video segment at the BBC Music Awards.

Chris Martin Gushes Over David Bowie

Martin, along with other recording artists featured at the BBC Music Awards, was featured in a video tribute to Bowie to celebrate his nomination for British Artist of the Year. “When ‘Where Are We now?’ came out I was staggered, and so annoyed. Like, ‘Come on, it’s not fair.’ He’s already got all these amazing songs and then this instant classic,” Martin gushed.

Martin didn’t stop there. Instead, he recounted how he once approached Bowie with the idea of performing the vocals to a Coldplay track he had written. “One time I sent him a song to ask him to sing on it. He called me and said, ‘It’s not one of your best.’ He’s got very high standards and I appreciate that. It inspires the rest of us to keep our standards high,” Martin admitted.

Martin didn’t hint at what song he sent to Bowie for consideration. In fact, it’s unknown whether or not the song was ever recorded or released by the band. All in all, Martin seems to harbor no ill will towards the famous musician, and the Coldplay frontman appeared to enjoy his evening at the BBC Music Awards, where Coldplay performed their hit “A Sky Full Of Stars.”

Ed Sheeran and One Direction also performed at the awards show.