David Bowie died on Jan. 10, 2016, aged 69. Fans are flocking to his memorial in Brixton, South London in his honor.


Last year, the city planned to create a 30-foot tall red and blue statue in honor of the famed performer, but funds ran dry before it could be completed. Instead, a wall has been graffitied with a likeness of Bowie. Fans gathered at the wall today, leaving flowers and memorabilia in Bowie’s memory.

Since Bowie’s death, his British fans have bought more than 5 million of his recordings. The Official Charts Company decided to tally up his record sales since his death for the second anniversary of Bowie’s passing. His 25th and finale studio album, Blackstar, was released just two days before he died, and went on to dominate the charts worldwide. While Blackstar has been Bowie’s best selling album post mortem, his best selling song goes to his 1977 hit “Heroes.”

Bowie’s wife Iman is choosing this time to reflect on her relationship with Bowie, which she called her “favorite love story. “The 62-year-old supermodel shared four black and white photos to her Instagram page on Jan. 8, the day her late husband would have turned 71. #BowieForever and #ForeverAndEver were her chosen hashtags. The pair married in 1992, and on what would have been their 25th wedding anniversary, Iman posted, “I would walk forever, just to be in your arms again.”

My favorite love story is ours! #BowieForever #ForeverAndEver

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“The outpouring of grief over David’s passing has helped me tremendously, though sometimes I’ve been at odds with it, too: Universal grieving for your life partner can also keenly deepen your own sense of all that you’ve lost,” she told Vogue in August. “David gave me the most exciting, touching, and deliriously loving 24 years. Still, it was not enough — shockingly brief. And although I’ll never get used to losing him, David is nonetheless hiding in plain sight.”

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