Unfortunately for David Arquette, Twitter does not actually function as a rewind button. The gabby actor followed news of his and wife Courteney Cox's separation with an interview on the Howard Stern Show that has raised more than a few eyebrows.

In his now notorious appearance on the show, Arquette told listeners that he and Cox hadn't had sex for months and that she had encouraged him to do whatever he needed to do. He then named Jasmine Waltz as his "one conquest" in that period, going on to say that Cox told him, "I don't want to be your mother anymore." Now the actor, 39, is trying to atone for his big mouth.

"I'm trying figuring out how to be the best person I can be," he tweeted. "I went on Howard Stern yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I'm experiencing but while doing that I shared too much." Cox has been mute on the subject. "I'm sure Courteney and myself will emerge from this painful time better people for what we've learned," Arquette said. –AMY LEE

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