Dave Chappelle made a TV comeback over the weekend by hosting Saturday Night Live, and took part in many political sketches in the first episode since the election last Tuesday. The best part of his hosting, though, came in his 10-minute opening monologue.


He began by showing his combination of surprise and lack thereof at Donald Trump’s presidential win. “It seemed like Hillary was doing well in the polls and yet,” he began, “I know the whites.” He spoke about the election for a few minutes, and discussed the hypocrisy of the white people who didn’t see Trump’s win coming. “I watched a white riot in Portland, Oregon, on television the other night. News said they did a million dollars worth of damage, and every black person was watching it like, psh amateurs.”

Police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement came up in passing, and Chappelle joked about the topics like a pro. “You can’t even go to the goddamn zoo without seeing a shooting out there. They shot a gorilla at my local zoo,” he said, referring to Harambe. “And the Cincinnati Police said ‘Shooting that gorilla was the toughest decision this department has ever had to make.’ I said, ‘Well, you’re about to see a lot of n—-s in gorilla costumes in Cincinnati.’”

This moved the conversation to what it’s like being a rich black man in America, and joked about seeing Obama in the White House and wanting the country to think about everybody else, but for Chappelle, he finally wanted the tax breaks that rich people were afforded. “I just got this money!”

He said the American people elected an Internet troll to be president. But then he joked about what Trump has done right. “I feel bad saying it, I’m staying at a Trump Hotel right now. I don’t know if he’s gonna make a good president, but he makes a swell hotel. House keeping comes in in the morning and cleans my room, and I just, ‘Hey, good morning house keeping’ and grab a big handful of p—y, you know. Boss said it was ok.”

The end of the monologue turned more serious, with Chappelle describing his experience recently of being invited to the White House with dozens of other black people, and how nice it was to see so many black faces in such a predominately white location. “I saw how happy everybody was, these people who had historically been disenfranchised and it made me feel hopeful and made me feel proud to be an American, and it made me very happy about the prospects of our country,” Chappelle said. “So in that spirit, I’m wishing Donald Trump luck and I’m gonna give him a chance, and we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.”

See the entire monologue below.

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