Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend in the first episode since Donald Trump was declared the President-Elect, and Chris Rock made a guest appearance in the realest political comedy sketch yet.


Much of the liberal cities in America, including Hollywood, were shocked when Trump beat out Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton last Tuesday. Chappelle and Rock, on the other hand, were not so surprised. The skit on SNL showed Chappelle at an election results party with five white people who were convinced that Hillary would win. “Guys, we’re about to have our first women president, like this is gonna be a historic night,” one white woman shares. Chappelle, the only black person present reminds her, “yeah, it might be a historic night, but just don’t forget it’s a big country.”

As the results come in and the attendees get more and more worried about a once-impossible Trump win, Chappelle seems unfazed. Rock enters to watch the results. When someone tells him they think Trump might actually win, he laughs. “Of course, what are you talking about?” “I tried to tell them,” says Chappelle.

As the white friends go over all the ways Hillary could possibly still come back and win, Chappelle and Rock watch it unfold, amused. “Yeah let’s hope there are 100,000 of us in Green Bay,” Rock says when a woman suggested blacks are just getting out to vote late. “Brothers love the Packers.”

When Trump wins, Chappelle and Rock attempt to console their white friends. “Now come on, get some rest. You got a big day of moping and writing on Facebook tomorrow,” says Rock.

“God, this is the most shameful thing America has ever done,” proclaims the white man there. The sketch ends with Chappelle and Rock looking at each other and laughing at the comment.

Watch the whole thing below.

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