Orange Is The New Black actress Dascha Polanco has had the assault case against her dropped.

Dascha Polanco Assault Charges

Polanco, 33, had the assault charges dropped and the case dismissed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Wednesday. The DA dismissed the case due to “lack of stating the truth and relevant evidence,” according to Vulture.

Polanco’s lawyer, Gerald B. Lefcourt, claimed in a statement that the accuser “was motivated by the prospects of a payday,” when she filed the assault charges that were bound to be dismissed.

“From the start, Ms. Polanco has denied the allegations and we have said that the charges should be dismissed. We are pleased that after a thorough investigation and review of the actual evidence, the District Attorney’s Office has done the right thing and agreed to dismiss the case against Ms. Polanco,” Lefcourt says in his statement. “It is clear to us that the so-called victim was motivated by the prospects of a payday. She devised a plan to have Ms. Polanco pay her to withdraw the charges, which was furthered by a campaign of harassment directed at Ms. Polanco and her family and jeopardized their safety. Fortunately, we had irrefutable evidence of the complainant’s misdeeds on tape, including her extortion attempts, which was provided to the District Attorney’s Office.”

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Back in July, Michelle Cardona, 18, alleged that Polanco assaulted her at her Manhattan apartment. In her complaint, Cardona stated that Polanco had punched her in the head, pulled her hair and scratched her.

Orange is the New Black‘s fourth season will premiere on Netflix June 17.

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