WWE Superstar Darren Young revealed that a main reason why he chose to come out publicly as gay earlier this week was his boyfriend of two years – a man named Nick.

Young came out as gay in an impromptu interview at Los Angeles International Airport on Aug. 15 to a TMZ cameraman who happened to spot the professional wrestler. Following his affirmation, Young admitted that he was “deeply in love” with his longtime boyfriend, WWE sources told TMZ. The pair have reportedly been living together in Florida for some time.

In addition to being motivated by his love for Nick, Young also believed that it was just the right thing to be open about his sexuality. "I felt like it was the right place and the right time and I feel by coming out I'm going to make a big difference in a lot of people's lives," he told Matt Lauer on Today. "I have been suppressing these feelings for so long in my life. I'm going to be 30 on November 2 and I just need to be happy." He added, "Until the day I'm six feet under I will always say I want to be happy and I'm happy now."

"At the end of the day I want to be able to be a role model," he continued. "I want to be a role model to people that are afraid to come out. I want to be there."

On Wednesday, after arriving in Los Angeles for the WWE’s SummerSlam event, Young was approached by a cameraman who asked him what he thought about gay men competing in the league. Young replied, "Absolutely. Look at me. I'm a WWE Superstar and, to be honest with you, I'll tell you right now, I'm gay. And I'm happy. Very happy."

The WWE organization has since voiced its support of the Superstar, as has current WWE champ John Cena and many others.

– Chelsea Regan

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