Darius McCrary, who is best known for starring on sitcom Family Matters in the 90s, was arrested Wednesday for failing to make child support payments on time.

Darius McCrary Arrested

McCrary, 38, was apparently behind on his child support payments when he was picked up by Oakland County, Mich., police and jailed, reported TMZ. He subsequently appeared before a judge, who gave the actor the option to spend 14 days in jail or pay the $5,500 in back support. Opting to pay the fee, McCrary was released from police custody later that day.

McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow alongside Jaleel White‘s pesky neighbor Steve Urkel, took to Twitter on Thursday following his release. In a series of Tweets, McCrary referenced Martin Luther King Jr., claimed he was raising his son and shared a throwback picture of school clothes he’d purchased for the young boy.

On Friday, McCrary once again took to Twitter to weigh in on his arrest, appearing to take aim at the child support system.

McCrary’s last major acting role was in Charlie Sheen‘s Anger Management.

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