Danny Trejo, the veteran character actor best known for the Machete films, will soon be seen in Violet and Daisy with Saoirse Ronan, Alexis Bledel and James Gandolfini. Trejo dishes about working on the female-driven crime thriller Violet & Daisy, the late Sopranos actor and the two highlights of his long career in an exclusive interview with Uinterview.

In Violet & Daisy, Trejo is only in one scene, which happens to be with stars Ronan and Bledel, who the actor says are “crazy” and “a lot of fun.” In his appearance on screen, Trejo assigns the assassins to a task. “I honestly think that the director [Geoffrey Fletcher] — he just wanted me in the film,” revealed Trejo. “I don't think that they had a role for me. I think that they just needed someone to hire hit men, so he figured it should be me.”

Danny Trejo On James Gandolfini

Gandolfini, in one of his last projects, acted alongside Trejo in Violet & Daisy. Trejo remembers the actor as someone who managed to not get caught up in the L.A. culture. “He wasn’t a typical Hollywood guy,” Trejo told Uinterview. “James was kind of a humble, quiet guy. He's not someone you saw out at the bars."

Trejo, by his own admission, got into acting on a whim while working as a drug counselor following an early life of drugs and crime and consequent stints in jail and rehab. “One of the kids I worked with [as a drug counselor] was a PA on a movie, Runaway Train,” Trejo said. “Eddie Bunker, who I knew, wrote the screenplay. He asked if I was still boxing. I lost my first fight as a lightweight. I asked, 'How much are you paying?' He said, '$320 a day!' They said, 'We want you to teach Eric Roberts to fight!'

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Since he got his start in Runaway Train in 1985, Trejo has racked up dozens of film and TV credits. His favorite experiences over the course of his career have come rather recently as a result of the Machete films: “Kissing Amber Heard was definitely a high point. And kissing Jessica Alba was up there!”

– Chelsea Regan

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