Danny Brown, an American rapper who hails from Detroit, reportedly received oral sex during a concert when a fan rushed onto the stage and pulled his pants down at the Triple Rock Social Club on April 26.

Brown, who was in the middle of a song when the incident occurred, continued to rap while the female fan pulled down his pants and performed the sex act without his consent. Brown’s fellow tour performer, Kitty Pryde, was incensed with the casual and amused reaction when the news broke about the XXX scene on stage. She firmly believes that Brown was sexually assaulted.

"I'm mad that a person thought it was okay to pull another person's pants down during their performance in front of about 700 other people," Pryde, whose real name is Kathryn Beckwith, wrote on Vice. "I'm mad that a person thought it was a good idea to perform a sex act on another person without their consent. I'm mad that nobody made her leave. I'm mad that Danny had to actually wonder what he was supposed to do at that point."

“Guys pushing girls is not a good look when people are taking photos,” Pryde added. “So what was Danny supposed to do, other than back away, which he did? […] Everyone wants the option of blaming it on Danny, because people can’t accept the fact that a white girl raped a black dude in front of a bunch of people.”

Rapper Kendrick Lamar reached out to Brown on Twitter after hearing about the rumored onstage oral sex. “@XDannyXBrownX u really just got the h— on stage stanny???”

Brown has not publicly addressed the incident.

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