Je’Michael Malloy, 17, has confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Locklear, 15, who has been missing since March 11.

Locklear was last seen leaving her grandfather’s home to go meet up with a friend, now believed to have been Malloy. On April 3, an off-duty detective discovered an unidentified body in the South River near Hope Mills, N.C., and, though the identity has not been confirmed, it is believed to be Locklear. Following the discovery of the body, Malloy and an associate, Dominic Lock, 18, were arrested in connection to the teenager’s death.

Je'Michael Malloy Charged With Second-Degree Murder

Malloy reportedly confessed to police that he met with Locklear on the night of her disappearance. The two fought, and Malloy confessed to chocking Locklear to death, stuffing a sock in her mouth and calling a friend – Lock – to help him dump the body in the river, tying her body to cinder blocks. Malloy is being charged with second-degree murder, while reports vary on Lock’s charges – some reports suggest Lock is being charged with conspiracy in Locklear’s death, while others state that he too is being charged with second-degree murder. Both are being held with a $100,000 bond.

Friends and family who searched for Locklear with Malloy by their side are shocked at his confession, saying he helped support Locklear’s family after the 15-year-old went missing.

“That’s another thing that’s so devastating to us. That he could just stand there with us, asking, ‘Is everything okay? Do you all feel okay?” said Locklear’s aunt, Chena Simmons.

Simmons is also leading a ‘Justice for Danielle’ online fundraiser, with all donations to be used to arrange a funeral for Locklear. The page was originally started to raise funds for searches, newspaper adds and reward money to help find Locklear.

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