Daniel Radcliffe was reportedly spotted visiting a marijuana café in Amsterdam on Wednesday, and the Harry Potter star even stopped to take a photo with a few employees.

Daniel Radcliffe Visits The Joa Green House

Radcliffe stopped by the Joa Green House, a hot marijuana café that boasts a massive celebrity clientele, where he posed for a photo with two of the café’s employees. The photo was then posted to the company’s Instagram page, but has since been deleted.

Radcliffe is just one of the many celebrities who frequent Joa Green House. Their official Instagram page is littered with photos of celebrities visiting the marijuana café, including Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg and Nelly.

Daniel Radcliffe Repays Debt

Radcliffe also made headlines after Conor Mullally, a former Dublin minor centerback, shared a photo of a note from Radcliffe and 50 euros. The actor was reportedly paying back a two-year debt, from when Mullally covered his cab fare after a night out.

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