Daniel Craig, best known for being the latest in a long line of James Bond actors, recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The British actor clarified the reasons behind the decision to delay his latest Bond film, No Time to Die.

The first adaptation of Ian Fleming’s series of Bond novels came in 1963 when Dr. No was released to critical acclaim in cinemas. The movie launched a half a century old franchise that has continued today with numerous actors portraying the famous MI6 agent. Craig comes as the latest in that long line of actors in what is set to be his last appearance before passing on the torch. The appeared recently on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show via Zoom and revealed the reasons as to why his new film’s release date was being pushed to the spring.

Blaming the COVID-19 pandemic, Craig said, “This thing is just bigger than all of us, and we just want people to go and see this movie in the right way and safe way. Cinemas all around the world are closed at the moment and we want to release the movie at the same time all around the world and this isn’t the right time.”

The talk show host asked about Craig’s experiences portraying Bond to which he revealed that he had never even tasted a Martini, a “shaken not stirred” version of the drink being a series signature, before landing the famous role.

No Time To Die will be released on April 2, 2021. It will see a retired James Bond being enlisted by the CIA to investigate the kidnapping of a scientist. The film’s music theme will be performed by Billie Eilish. 

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