Daniel Craig joined Stephen Colbert on his late show Wednesday night, to finally address a Bond movie plot hole that Colbert always wondered about.

Daniel Craig and Stephen Colbert In Fun ‘Spectre’ Sketch on ‘The Late Show’

“I love the movie and I love Bond in general but I do have one beef with Bond,” the host told Craig. “You always get these beautiful cars and these amazing cars with the gadgets and then you wreck them immediately.”

To highlight this point, multiple clips of car crashes and explosions from past Bond movies were shown to the audience.

“Well he does drink a lot of martini’s,” Craig joked.

“So why on earth would anyone ever give you another car?” Colbert asked.

“Actually we kinda addressed a few of those things in the new movie, with a level of gritty realism,” the actor said.

Colbert then showed the audience what appeared to be a deleted scene from Spectre, but turned out to be a hilarious sketch of Craig and Colbert at a RentalCo. car shop in Rome.

“Look I need a car really quickly I’m being chased by a number of assassins,” Craig as Bond tells Colbert the clerk.

When the clerk asks Bond for his name Craig says the famous words, “Bond. James Bond.”

“I don’t have that. Can it be under another name?” Colbert hilariously replies.

Check out the funny Spectre sketch below: