Former race car driver Danica Patrick took to her Instagram stories in order to share her thoughts on relationships a few days after her and former NFL player Aaron Rodgers split.

Patrick shared a quote from a marriage and family therapist Vienna Pharaon: “Look at the chosen relationship in your life and notice any themes.”

The post continued, “What role do you play? Who are you with them? Who do you believe you need to be? What stories do you tell yourself about what they can offer you? What can they or can’t they handle. The way you choose people may offer you insight into what you’re craving or what shifts you may need to make in order to shift an overworked role you’ve held for a long time.”

Patrick then shared words from Connor Beaton, a relationship coach: “The pain that we are given is the pain that we pass on.”

The couple split after two years as confirmed by a representative for Patrick who told E! News that they are “no longer together.” Neither Patrick or Rodgers has publicly confirmed the split. 

In April, Patrick posted a picture of her and Rodgers at Machu Picchu.

Patrick has been utilizing her social media platforms in order to advertise for her podcast Pretty Intense. On July 16 she wrote, “How well do you really know me? Nothing was off-limits on the latest episode of my Pretty Intense podcast, where I am answering all the questions you submitted and have been dying to know.”

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