Danielle “Dani” Cogswell, a cheerleader on the University of Louisville’s spirit team, was found dead in her home Monday morning. She was 22.

Louisville Cheerleader Found Dead

Police are currently investigating Cogswell’s death in a Cardinal Towne apartment as a possible drug overdose. No foul play is suspected, nor is it believed that any witnesses were involved. Toxicology reports are pending and will likely not be made available for 60 to 90 days, reported The Courier-Journal.

Since cheerleading is not an NCAA-sponsored sport, Cogswell was not subjected to the mandatory drug screenings that are required for other student-athletes. However, Louisville cheerleaders have access to treatment and counseling programs and receive drug and alcohol lectures during the annual orientation, according to University of Louisville’s sport information director Kenny Klein and Associate Athletic Director Christine Simatocolos. Simatocolos added, “We are constantly reviewing our policies to be sure we are providing the best possible support."

Cogswell’s untimely death has left her surviving cheer teammates “absolutely devastated,” Louisville’s head spirit coach Todd Sharp told Fox Sports. Sharp added, "Based on all my interactions with her, I would have never imagined we'd lose her this young.”

Plans for a campus memorial are reportedly in the works and the spirit team is expected to dedicate the 2014 season to Cogswell.

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