Comedian Dane Cook has reportedly received a lifetime ban from performing at famed Hollywood comedy club the Laugh Factory.

Dane Cook Banned

Cook, who has performed at the venue for years, was banned due to his behavior towards a waitress recently, according to Entertainment Tonight. Cook allegedly used vulgar and offensive language towards the woman, drawing the attention of management. When the Laugh Factory’s owner approached Cook, the comedian didn’t back down, telling the owner, “I own this place.”

Instead of catering to Cook’s ego, the owner supposedly banned him from ever performing again at the Laugh Factory.

Cook has been a frequent performer at the Laugh Factory over the course of his career. It was there that he broke the venue’s record for the longest performance at three hours and 50 minutes. After Dave Chappelle broke his record five days later, he went back to reclaim his title, staying up on stage for seven hours in January of 2008.

Though Cook will have to take the Laugh Factory off his schedule, he’s still welcome to take the stage in a number of other comedy establishments, including the Hollywood Improv.

Cook has yet to make a statement on the story.

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