Dance Moms returns to Lifetime on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2014 with it’s fourth season. And, if the new teaser is anything to go on, viewers can expect dance master Abby Lee Miller to be more fed up with the stage moms than ever. In the clip, Miller enters a comic book world of child dancers working some hilarious moves in a spoof in inspired by A-ha’s 80s hit “Take On Me.”

Dance Moms isn’t so much a dance show as it is a show about momagers in training. Moms Cathy, Jill, Holly, Kelly, Christi and Melissa are back and, boy, do they look ready to rumble. They may appear on screen in cocktail dresses and heels, but they might as well be walking into battle.

The mothers of Dance Moms are infamous for their never-ending ability to fight for their children in the cutthroat dance studio. In fact, the mothers’ ability to create drama eclipses the tyrannical nature of dance expert Abby, who has ruled her dance studio with an iron fist since 1995.

That said, the girls in Dance Moms are even more ambitious than their mothers, and you can bet that the pint-size dancers will bring a lot of drama on their own for this new season. After all, there’s nothing crueler than a gaggle of pre-teens in tights, especial in competition dance. There’s definitely one thing Dance Moms will never be accused of being: boring.

Love them or hate them, Dance Moms is one insanely entertaining show you’ll want to be watching.

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Dance Moms premieres New Years Day 9.8c on Lifetime.

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