Jennifer Hawkins, a dance instructor at Birney School in Michigan, became a viral hit with one video of her and her students. In the video, she is seen confidently and skillfully leading a group of high school girls in a choreographed dance routine accompanied by Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller.”

The students followed Hawkins’ lead as she performed every iconic move from the single’s music video, which was choreographed by Michael Peters. The instructor’s routine was complete with the famous zombie walk and claw-like formations.


The King of Pop released his hit record Thriller in 1982 and the title track became a fan favorite with over 167,000 sales and a top spot on the Billboard Hot Digital Singles Chart. To this day, it is the 13-time Grammy winner’s best-selling single and has been choreographed over a hundred times.
“Thriller” is one of the 13 number one hits on the Billboard R&B charts and remains a classic today that evidently never gets old.


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