Dana Carvey returned to the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend to reprise his beloved Church Lady character for the show’s cold open.

Church Lady Returns To ‘SNL’

Kicking off the show Saturday night, Carvey got back behind the desk of Church Chat. Church Lady got things going with some commentary on the Met Gala. On Madonna, she said, “Look, her fanny’s just hanging out, with sturdy straps to push those six-decade-old buns straight to heaven. Go to Jesus!”

And Beyonce? “She must have been thinking, ‘What should I wear to the ball tonight. I know! A giant latex condom!’ All wrapped up and ready to fornicate.”

Then Church Lady got to the real matter at hand, the presidential election “between a godless liberal democrat and Hillary Clinton.”

First up in her interviewee chair was Taran Killam as Ted “Satan” Cruz. “Was it God’s plan for you to be humiliated by an orange mannequin?” Church Lady asked Cruz. “That’s sort of an odd plan for God to have for you.”

Once Darrell Hammond‘s Donald Trump took a seat, Church Lady pointed out just how much his time on The Apprentice prepared the real estate mogul to be president. “I remember an episode of The Apprentice where Gary Busey didn’t sell enough pancakes,” Church Lady said. “And I thought right then and there: give this man the nuclear codes.”

Carvey played the recurring Church Lady character on SNL when he was a cast member from 1986-1993. He’s currently promoting his upcoming USA series First Impressions.

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